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"If you change the way you look at things, 

​the things you look at change"

- Wayne Dyer

Why Join the Chamber?

We were accepted as Small Business Saturday Neighborhood Champions. We distributed SBS materials to our members. They were given to shoppers on November 26th as part of the Small Business Saturday promotions!

We have been upgrading our tools so we can better accommodate our members. This includes a newly designed website and membership database.

We fielded over 100 phone calls, emails and social media questions about our local businesses... last month alone!

We have accepted positive and negative feedback from shoppers. We inform the business owners of any feedback we receive and we work together to maximize customer relations.

We have helped members with scam awareness and prevention.

We have encouraged member-to-member discounts and savings. Remember, everything is easier when we join together! 

We recently organized the Annual Christmas Parade & Lighting Ceremony as a community support project.

Just to name a few things that YOUR Chamber has been doing for YOUR community!